Teen Driving

Map current as of December 2012


Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) systems allow teenagers to learn to drive under lower risk conditions and consist of a learner's stage, an intermediate stage and an unrestricted driving stage. The learner’s stage requires teenage drivers to complete a minimum number of months of adult-supervised driving in order to obtain a full license. The intermediate stage restricts teens from driving in high-risk situations for a specified period of time before receiving a full license. Advocates rates states on seven GDL component laws.

Teen Driving Laws Rating Chart
Key Facts Regarding Teen Drivers.
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Medical and Work Loss Costs of Teen Crash Fatalities by State.

Updates from the past year:

Maryland cell phone ban for GDL holders now has primary enforcement

Utah now has a cell phone ban for GDL holders


Virginia strengthened passenger restriction to one non-familial passenger for drivers under the age of 21

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