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Message to Congress From Truck Safety Victim Advocate Jena Frost

973 1024 Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

“This November it will be 5 years since Wyatt was killed and my husband and I still think about him every day, and multiple times throughout the day.  We will never stop thinking of the senselessness of that Friday afternoon – that truck driver, that box truck.  Wyatt’s crash proves that these vehicles are just as deadly as the larger trucks, and they are moving by the many thousands through our streets and neighborhoods at all times of the day.  We now have the technology to make sure that, if drivers fail to apply brakes when they should, a truck can apply them automatically with ‘Automatic Emergency Braking,’ or AEB. But the current proposed infrastructure bill doesn’t require all trucks to have that safety device.”

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Message to Congress from Truck Crash Victim Advocate Eileen Kosc

600 399 Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

“I was driving home from the beach with my sons, Brandon and Bryan, when a box truck struck our car.  Bryan, who was only seven years old, did not survive…Now is the time to mandate automatic emergency braking (AEB) for ALL trucks.  No exceptions and no excuses.  I call on President Biden to support this crucial upgrade.  We both are Delawareans and we both know the pain and suffering of losing precious family members in a preventable truck crash. Please do this for Bryan and for other families like ours.  It should not be a difficult decision.” 

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