America Walks: Safer Fleets Challenge

  • August 18, 2023
150 150 Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

How Adopting Intelligent Speed Assistance Can Make Your Communities Safer

America Walks Safer Fleets Challenge calls on cities and towns to install Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) on their fleets.

What is ISA

  • ISA is a vehicle-based technology that can preclude the vehicle from exceeding the speed limit and avert or mitigate crashes.
  • ISA uses GPS-linked speed limit data and/or video cameras that recognize speed signs to advise drivers of the current speed limit.
  • ISA systems are now required in new cars across Europe and have been tested on city-owned vehicles in New York City and other places.

What is the Safer Fleets Challenge? 

  • The Challenge is a call to action for local governments to install ISA on their vehicles, taking a tangible step to demonstrate a commitment to safety. Find out more in this fact sheet.
  • State and local governments can demonstrate their commitment to pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle occupant safety by retrofitting their fleets to incorporate ISA.
  • Local governments that accept the challenge generate more data showing the impact of ISA and help build the case to federal regulators that ISA should be standard equipment on new vehicles.
  • The goal: 50 governments taking action to adopt ISA by 2025.
  • For more information: Watch Cathy Chase, Advocates for Auto and Highway Safety, and other experts launch the Safer Fleets Challenge webinar (April, 2023). Other panelists include Amy Cohen, Families for Safe Streets; and Jorge Bonilla, Ventura County Fleet Operations; Moderator: Erica Gilmore, City of Nashville Metropolitan Trustee; Facilitator: Mike McGinn, America Walks.