PA: Statement on Enactment of HB 1284 (Automated Enforcement)

  • December 15, 2023
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Statement by Cathy Chase, President, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (Advocates), on Enactment of HB 1284 (Automated Enforcement) in Pennsylvania

(Washington, D.C. | December 15, 2023) Advocates applauds the Pennsylvania legislature and Governor Josh Shapiro (D) for enacting House Bill 1284 yesterday. Introduced by Rep. Ed Neilson (D-Philadelphia), the law further allows for automated speed enforcement (ASE) in the state. It makes permanent the pilot program for active work zones on federal aid highways and the successful Roosevelt Blvd. program in Philadelphia. Also in Philadelphia, it expands eligibility for ASE to up to four more roads and creates a pilot program in up to five school zones.

Small changes in speed can have a big impact on safety. The average risk of death for a pedestrian is 10% at 23 mph and jumps to 50% at 42 mph. A 2020 review by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) found that speed safety cameras alone resulted in a 19% reduction in the likelihood that a crash resulted in a fatal or incapacitating injury. ASE programs are a proven, successful way to mitigate the horrific crash fatality numbers that have plagued the United States in recent years. We commend Pennsylvania’s leaders for prioritizing the safety of all road users and urge them to continue on this path in the next session.

Advocates recently released our 2024 Roadmap to Safety which includes the recommendation for use of ASE as a critical safety measure every state should employ, among other lifesaving, available solutions.

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