Safety groups and crash victims object to “safety title” of DRIVE Act

  • July 22, 2015
150 150 Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

Several consumer, health and safety organizations joined with victims and survivors of crashes to send a letter to the U.S. Senate outlaying grave concerns regarding the “safety title” of the highway bill. Here is a list of the “worst of the worst” provisions that, unless remedied, do nothing to stop the death and injury toll on our highways.

“The safety title of the DRIVE Act does more to advance auto and trucking interests than to advance public safety. It includes provisions that puts burdensome and unnecessary roadblocks to safety rulemakings; proposes untested and dangerous programs like interstate teen truck and bus driving when this young age group already is overrepresented in fatal crashes when behind the wheel of a car or an intrastate truck; and, it completely ignores that automakers are selling defective cars to families that are killing and injuring hundreds, covering up their shameful actions and face only paltry fines that have become the cost of doing business.”